The High Tower is also known as 'THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN', as it stands over 160 FT tall, It simulates The High Pheasant Shooting Style.

There are 2 automatic traps that work from a remote control keypad, that launch single or pair targets arcoss the valley's.

There are 10 stands situated in the valley bottom where you stand to shoot the targets from.

The High Tower is famous across the country, even abroad! Whether you love clays or game shooting, this will push you to your limits.

You are able to move about the valley because of the remote control for the traps, thus allowing you to make the targets easier or even harder for yourself.

This makes excellent practice for control and timing when shooting high pheasants back in the field.

To be able to lay claim to having hit a full brace from the  Monckton shoot's Renowned High Tower is something anyone in the shooting community will acknowledge as a jolly mean feat.

The Jewel in the Crown

The High Tower measuring over 160ft -
A Must for every shooting enthusiast - a force to be reckoned with. click here for a close up