AMCA Rules - here at the North Newbald Track Here at Monckton Shooting Ground

Welcome to North Newbald , A.M.C.A. Licenesed Track.

Having been issued with an A.M.C.A. Licence form after joining your local club, you are well on the way to being a full member of one of the largest associations providing off road motor sports in the country.
We are successful because we are a club-based organisation that depends on all its members to help run events for each other. Riders provide race meetings for other riders to race at and in turn they provide similar events. In this way everyone can have the benefit of events most weeks but are only required to work at a few often no more than 3 or 4 events per year.
If you have ridden with other organisations that expect you to provide marshals most weeks you will appreciate how good it is to race with the A.M.C.A.

Now here is the catch !!!
As a member of your club you are expected to work equally with your fellow club members when it is your turn to run events. This will require you attending 2 or 3 work parties prior to the event, plus working on the day either as a marshal or in some other job. But you still get the chance to race !! Then at the end of the day every member of the organising club has to stay until every other rider has gone home. You must help with cleaning up the site, removing equipment and making sure that every job is complete.

I hope this does not sound too big a commitment, as without such efforts you would not be able to race on all the other weeks when you have nothing to do but turn up and enjoy the day, leaving all the above work to your host club.
Over the years the way we operate has seen the A.M.C.A. grow stronger and with the excellent efforts of many club officials we hope to grow this group for years to come.

Can I ask you to do all you can to support your club and its officials, which you as members, elect each year at your clubs A.G.M. If there is ever anything that you are unsure about please ask your club officials or contact me and I will try to help.
The group officials meet every month and all riders are welcome to come and take part or just learn what is involved in making sure we continue to provide the race events you expect. We are always looking for ways to improve the sport or trying to find new land to use for events.

Finally, lets get racing.
Send off your licence application a.s.a.p., licences run for up to 1 year from 1st February.
Support your club, as without your support we could loose volunteer officials and clubs.
Now enjoy the cheapest and best level of off road motor sport in the UK
Then race as often as you can at as many different tracks as you can.

Here is the link for the AMCA site