Events @ Monckton Shooting Ground.

FarmWatch Shoot.
Shoot Event on

 Monday 9th July commencing at 5.30 pm

Well after all the rain, East Yorkshire's Little Weighton Farmwatch held its Annual Shoot at Monckton Shooting Ground.

With the sun shining and a fabulous turnout of shooters of mixed abilites, we where set for a glorous evening.

The winners of the evening where:

Olivers Mount - COMPACT

1st Mr Chris Levitt

2nd Mr S Midgley

Farmwatch Member.

1st Mr Peter Kendal

Sportsmans Team Shoot- Grouse Flush

1st - Garden 2 Team - Chris Levitt, Mark Stocks, Waz Williams, Nick Binnington.

2nd - The Barrets - Mike, Mark, David, Oliver. 

The event was kindly sponsered by Sportsman Game Feeds.

Pictures to follow shortly.

Thankyou to all the people that helped get this event organised.


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